Custom Solutions

Why choose a custom solution when off-the-shelf or built-in solutions exist? Because you cannot afford to compromise. Xymox manufactures custom capacitive touch sensor assembly solutions to meet YOUR specific requirements for the life of the product.

Assembly Options

  • Sensor Laminated with Optically Clear Adhesive
  • Sensor Laminated to a Custom Glass Lens
  • Sensor Laminated to a Custom Acrylic or Plastic Lens
  • Sensor Laminate to a Display
  • Sensor Laminated to a Display and Lens
  • Addition of an NFC Antenna
  • Addition of Sealing Gasket to the Lens
  • Addition of other Subcomponents
  • Use of Special Materials for Environmental, Safety or Appearance

Problems Solved

  • End Product Features
  • Manufacturability
  • Durability
  • End Product Performance
  • Common look and Feel
  • Product Life Expectancy
  • Potential Obsolescence/Continued Availability
  • Recertification Expenses
  • Annual Volume Fluctuation


With Kodak HCF film , Xymox produces Transparent PCAP Circuits often used in touch screens. For capacitive switches with backlighting, Translucent PCAP Circuits using screen printable Heraeus PEDOT:PSS is a cost effective alternative. Finally, screen printed Silver PCAP Circuits remain a reliable solution.


Transparent PCAP Circuits

Touch screens require transparent sensors to ensure your display shows clean and clear. Xymox processes Kodak HCF film coated with Heraeus PEDOT:PSS clear conductive polymer to produce a durable, flexible and transparent PCAP sensor.


This Kodak PEDOT sensor assembly has a custom patterned sensor optically laminated to a piece of decorated glass for a smart watch application.

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Transparent PCAP Datasheet

Transparent PCAP - Kodak Spec Sheet

Microchip Low Power Touch Electronics Datasheet

Kodak HCF Films on YouTube


Translucent PCAP Circuits

PCAP Switches or buttons often require backlighting when not used over a display. A translucent printed PEDOT circuit is the best choice. Xymox translucent PCAP sensors made with PEDOT and silver ink laminated to a pressure sensitive adhesive make a cost effective solution easily fitted into the final product.


This screen printed PEDOT circuit is used on the underside of a 4 position plastic light control.


Silver PCAP Circuits

No display? No backlight? Keep it simple with Xymox silver PCAP sensors. Screenprinted with conductive silver ink and laminated to pressure sensitive adhesive for final assembly.


This silver circuit on the right is used on the underside of a plastic palm safety button to detect the presence of an operator.