Tactile Switches

Contact Metal Dome Tactile Switches

tactile switches

Xymox Technologies, Inc. has the capability to machine place Nicomatic and Snaptron four-leg contact metal domes.


Polyester Dome Tactile Switches

polyester dome tactile switch

An exclusive Xymox manufacturing process produces the industry’s highest quality polyester tactile domes in the graphic layer. This provides switch users with a keypad that has strong, uniform tactile feel and a choice of standard or high temperature performance at an affordable price. And the combination of in-house manufacturing and design means shorter lead times.


Selected Stock Switches

3/4 inch Edge Abuttable Switch Strips

3/4 inch edge-abuttable switch strips are ideally suited for use where your product, by design, needs to be long and narrow. They are compatable with all 3/4 inch edge abuttable switches.

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