Stock Membrane Switches

Geared for low volume production or for prototype start up of a new membrane switches program, our line of stock membrane switches are available through a distribution network with no tooling or engineering design cost.

  • Single key layouts through 40 key layouts
  • Available with metal domes or no dome layouts
  • Available with or without a Berg connector

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Additional Stock Switch Information

The Xymox stock membrane switch is a normally open, momentary contact, push button type device. Layers of insulating materials, conductive coatings and adhesives are combined to form a completely sealed switch ideally suited for switching low energy logic signals.

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Non-Tactile Switches

All stock product Xymox panels are constructed of flexible materials and are designed to be bonded to a rigid support surface. Connections are made through conductive tracks on a connecting tail. Various styles of tail terminations are available.

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Tactile Switches

Xymox tactile feedback metal dome stock products are ideally suited for use in most membrane switching applications where user feedback is a requirement. They are constructed with stainless steel domes located over each switch position. the key spacing provided offers good finger placement as well as graphic design flexibility.

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Selected Stock Switches

3/4 inch Edge Abuttable Keypads

3/4 inch edge-abuttable keypads are ideally suited for use in most membrane switching applications. They offer the user good spacing for easy finger placement in key areas, as well as offering the designer good flexibility in faceplate design. They are compatible with all 3/4 inch edge-abuttable switches.

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