Better Customer Experiences

User experience is everything to the customer – it can be the difference between a good product and a great one! Designers can turn to backlighting as a simple solution to creating a great user experience.


Old vs New way of Backlighting

Old way: Messy with hundreds of fiber optic threads

New way: Clean and simple solution

The old way of backlighting required extra space in the assembly to accommodate for the bulky fiber optics. Save space with the new, standard way of backlighting, with LEDs and conductive screen printing all on one sheet of polyester.

There are two main backlighting options:

Distributed LED Backlighting

Xymox-Distributed Backlighting

As membrane switch users began to search for a better user experience, backlighting was seen as an area that could be enhanced. Newer constructions are using side fire LEDs to light entire keycap text and various icons on a panel to make the lighting more intuitive.

Single Point LED Backlighting

Xymox-Single Point Backlighting

Xymox membrane switches can be built with surface mount LEDs embedded into the switch package to provide a cost effective way for backlighting. This construction would use top fire, single point LEDs which would typically light a small window next to a key or in the corner of a key.