Capacitive Touch Sensors

Problems We Solve

To incorporate a capacitive touch interface, you need many different components to work together. When these components are designed together and work as one, you get a hassle-free user experience with your touch interface, unlike the standard, off-the-shelf solution.

There are four main factors to consider when you are deciding whether to use an off-the-shelf solution or an application-specific approach:

✓ Customer User Experience

✓ Design Compromises

✓ Supply Chain Realities

✓ Longevity of Supply

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Download our eBook, Finding the Best Touch Sensor, to learn more about these four main factors.


Learn how a capacitive touch sensor works and what materials are used to create crystal clear, flexible sensors.

There is more to a touch sensor than just the sensor itself, discover what options are available for the lens, controller, and more to design it exactly how you want it!