Conductive Inks

Superior Performance

A long-time leader in the custom membrane switch market, Xymox uses a family of proprietary conductive inks to serve the printed electronics industry. This ink system has a proven history with millions of keypads out in the world today. These conductive inks have been used internally at Xymox for more than 10 years and show superior performance on printed circuits and bonded components in applications such as dishwashers, gas pumps, and industrial controls. Standard ink performance characteristics are shown on each datasheet and with in-house control Xymox can custom formulate an ink when necessary to fit your requirements.


Conductive Silver Ink

Xymox-Silver Ink

HF Conductive Silver Ink was developed for use as a screen-printed silver ink for printed electronic applications such as membrane switch circuits. To view the datasheet click here.


Conductive Epoxy

Xymox-Conductive Epoxy

Conductive Epoxy 501 was developed for use as a conductive structural attachment for surface mounted devices on polyester circuitry, thermoplastic circuitry, and paper phenolic rigid laminates. This material forms a strong bond with these substrates and silver inked circuits.

The material is available in a range of viscosities and is stencilable, screenable, and dispensable depending on the process used by the customer. To view the datasheet click here.

Clear Encapsulant

Xymox-Clearl Encapsulant

UVD-11 Clear Encapsulate was developed to provide additional mechanical strength in attaching a component to a substrate. It is a UV cured dispensable coating compatible with thermally cured epoxies and is suitable for both flexible and rigid substrates. To view the datasheet click here.


Our proprietary conductive ink is so critical to the overall functioning and quality of every product that we make that we make it in-house and take painstaking quality steps to maintain the:

  • Viscosity

  • Conductivity

  • Adhesion

  • Percent solids (percentage of the mixture that is solid (silver powder) - this is useful for formula duplication and quality control)