Contact Metal Dome Tactile Switches

Feedback You Can Feel

Metal domes provide a crisp snap when pushed and helps the user confidently know the button was pushed.


  • Tactile switch constructions that eliminate the top layer of the membrane switch

  • Stable forces

  • Excellent tactile feel

  • Very long life cycles; in excess of one million actuations

Contact Domes Available

Xymox currently offers a wide variety of domes with the typical sizes being the 12.2 mm, 8.4 mm and 6 mm domes, as illustrated below:

Metal Dome.jpg
Metal Dome1.jpg
Metal Dome2.jpg
Metal Dome Force Data.png
Metal domes.jpg

Both Snaptron and Nicomatic offer additional diameters and features in their dome products. Xymox will work with you to determine the best dome choice for your application.