Contact Metal Dome Tactile Switches

Feedback You Can Feel



  • Tactile switch constructions that eliminate the top layer of the membrane switch

  • Stable forces

  • Excellent tactile feel

  • Very long life cycles; in excess of one million actuations

Contact Domes Available

Xymox currently offers a wide variety of domes with the typical sizes being the 12.2 mm, 8.4 mm and 6 mm domes, as illustrated below:

220g Force
280g Force
340g Force    12.2 mm
420g Force

220g Force
280g Force    8.4 mm

220g Force
280g Force    6 mm

Xymox-Tactile Layers

Both Snaptron and Nicomatic offer additional diameters and features in their dome products. Xymox will work with you to determine the best dome choice for your application.