Design Assistance

We're Here to Help

Thank you for considering Xymox to help design and construct your printed electronic product. Xymox has a great team of knowledgeable engineers and salespeople ready to help you with material choices and general product construction choices so that you receive a design that fits your application.

You as the customer play a key role in the process as well! We rely on your help to define your application and some of the key elements that you require to satisfy your end customer. You will find some pdf documents that will help you in defining your requirements.

Customer Requirements

This form can be used as an aid in putting together your blueprint. The information noted will help us in manufacturing a part that meets all of your requirements. You will find:

  • General Requirements: any special quality requirements that you have related to FMEAs, PPAP’s, regulatory requirements, etc.

  • Faceplate Requirements: all of the details required for the top layer that carries all of the colors and defines the key nomenclature.

  • Electrical Requirements: all of the details required for the switch itself.

  • Tolerances: printing, diecutting, and assembly tolerances are noted.


Sample Blueprint

This blueprint shows an example part with all of the details noted for the switch and faceplate to give you an idea of what a typical finished blueprint would look like.