Industrial Control

Durable Solutions

We design solutions for the harshest environments with applications including gas pumps, power distribution, process automation, well pumps, you name it! From choosing an overlay material that can withstand UV exposure, a XyWeld sealed switch that can hold up to NEMA 4 standards, tactile domes for crisp tactile feedback, to providing a full assembly, Xymox is the right choice.

Xymox-Industrial Control
Xymox-Industrial Control 2
Xymox-Industrial Control 3

Products in the Real World

Gilbarco ADA Keypad

  • Durable design to withstand outdoor, abusive, high usage environment

  • Kanban program for short lead-time, weekly deliveries 


Stanley Alpha Controller

  • Full assembly with LCD display, plastic housing, and membrane switch

  • Unique backlighting for bright, even lighting of icons