The Strength of Global Operations Without the Worry

With a plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and partners in Guang Dong, China, we offer the capacity to house top of the line production equipment and a full staff with years of expertise to build the highest quality custom interfaces to fit all of your project needs.

Have you thought about disaster recovery? 
With multiple manufacturing sites and engineering backup practices, disaster recovery is a non-issue.

Concerned about uncertainty in China? 
Our Milwaukee facility has the ability to lessen the potential impact of labor volatility in China.

Do you require product validation? 
We can conduct environmental and life testing in Milwaukee to ensure timely completion of your validation.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Headquarters)

  • In house design

  • Full production (printing through final assembly)

  • Environmental testing lab

  • Design and engineering

  • Sheet fed printing

  • Automated surface mount

  • Laser cutting

  • Optical adhesive lamination

  • Automated dome placement

  • ISO Certified

Guang Dong, China

  • In house design

  • Full production (printing through final assembly)

  • ISO Certified


Out with the Old, in with the New!

May 2018 - Installed a new dome placing machine

March 2018 - Added a tray forming machine to our shipping department, custom trays can be created for each product to help prevent damage during shipping

September 2017 - A skin packaging machine was added to our shipping department

June 2017 - We replaced our old SMT machine with a brand new pick and place LED machine that increased precision and speed

July 2017 - Added a new die cut machine to our manufacturing floor

January 2016 - Built a state of the art Class 1000 Clean Room on our manufacturing floor!

September 2015 - We added 5 new Carrier units to help our employees stay warm or cool through any season

September 2015 - Our old laser was removed, now a newer, more precise laser has been installed and is at peak operation to keep production running smoothly!

September 2015 - Installed a digital screen imaging machine (CST) to increase screen development precision, quality and productivity

August 2015 - We added an automated screen coater machine, Harlacher.

July 2015 - Screen washout room: we extended the room, added better ventilation and replaced the equipment