Polyester Dome Tactile Switches

Performance + Affordability

An exclusive Xymox manufacturing process produces the industry’s highest quality polyester tactile domes in the graphic layer. This provides switch users with a keypad that has a strong, uniform tactile feel and a choice of standard or high temperature performance at an affordable price. And the combination of in-house manufacturing and design means shorter lead times.

Polyester Dome Tactile Switches Features and Benefits

Xymox-Polyester Domes
  • Dual Purpose - when the dome is formed in the overlay itself, the dome switch helps the user identify the key location and provides tactile feedback.

  • Consistency - thanks to our in-house designed and manufactured equipment, we can produce a consistent dome switch from keypad to keypad and order to order.

  • Withstands High Temperature - because we use a proprietary forming process developed in-house, the polyester is molecularly reshaped into the geometry of the dome, thus the “memory” of the plastic sheet is in the geometry of the dome.

  • Crisp Tactile Feel - due to the process and the dome geometries developed, we can ensure a firm “snap” throughout the specified life of the switch.

  • Reliability - tested beyond 2 million actuations.

  • Design Flexibility - We can custom design our dome switches to meet any of our customers requirements . And additional domes on a given part can be added with little or no increase to the piece price.

Specifications of Polyester Dome Tactile Switches

  • Mechanical

    • Switch Travel: .025 - .037” Typ.

    • Switch Thickness: .025 - .050” Typ.

    • Operating Force (see chart below)

    • Life Cycles: >2,000,000

  • Environmental

Storage Standard Temp Dome High Temp Dome
Operating -40°C to 65°C -40°C to 85°C
-40°C to 65°C -40°C to 70°C
  • Electrical Characteristics (Switch Circuit)

    • Contact Resistance: varies proportionately with part size, typically 100 ohms or less. Resistance values are typical through the life of the switch.

    • Open Circuit Resistance: 5x106 ohms minimum.

    • Contact Rating: 30 DVC maximum,100mA maximum, 1 watt maximum

    • Contact Bounce: 10ms nominal, 20ms maximum at 2,000,000 activation cycles.

Standard Dome Offering for Graphic Domes

Round Graphic Domes

Dome Diameter Dome Number Nominal Force (oz) Force Range (oz)
0.300" 3005L 10-12 ±3
3005R 14-16 ±3
3007H 16-18 ±3
0.375" 3755L 10-12 ±3
3757R 15-17 ±3
3757H 22-24 ±4
0.400" 4005L 10-12 ±3
4007R 14-16 ±3
4007H 22-24 ±4
0.440" 4405L 10-12 ±3
4407R 16-18 ±3
4407H 22-24 ±4
0.500" 5005L 9-11 ±3
5007R 16-18 ±3
5007H 23-25 ±4

Oval Graphic Domes

Dome Diameter Dome Number Nominal Force (oz) Force Range (oz)
0.300” x 0.600” 30605 9-10 ±3
30607 13-15 ±3
0.350” x 0.700” 35705 9-10 ±3
35707 16-17 ±3
0.400” x 0.600” 40605 9-10 ±3
40607 14-16 ±4


  • The material used in each case is polyester. Polycarbonate is not recommended because of its limited life cyclability.

  • Data is based on the use of a printed texture on the faceplate surface. This adds about .001” to the thickness of the graphics layer. If no texture is used, you can expect a slight decrease to the nominal force.

  • Actuation force measurements for round domes are based on standard Xymox test methods. A flat tipped nylon actuator that is half the dome diameter is used to measure force.

  • For actuation forces on oval domes .600” in length and below, force is measured with a flat tipped nylon actuator that is half the dome width. For ovals greater that .600” length, force is measured with a .250'' diameter nylon tip.