A New Generation of Battery Technology

Xymox and Enfucell have partnered to provide printed battery technology to North America. Enfucell's thin, flexible and eco-friendly SoftBatterry represents a new generation of battery technology and offers a completely new level of performance and customized dimensions. Design, engineering, support and manufacturing are covered by the Xymox team in Milwaukee, WI.

SoftBattery® Powers Applications like:

  • Iontophoretic transdermal patches for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical wireless micro-sensor and other applications
  • Functional and promotional applications
  • Battery-assisted semi-passive and sensor enabled RFID for logistics
  • And many other low power applications in the area of emerging printed electronics


  • Eco-designed technology, no heavy metals
  • Best suitable with average power consumption below 1 mW
  • Size & shape according to application (active area 1-100cm2 with 1.5 V battery
  • Manufactured using screen printing