Specialty Circuitry

Conductive Inks and Flexible Substrates

The core of our business can be categorized as conductive inks printed on flexible substrates.  In many cases, the final product is a membrane switch or pcap sensor for example.  There are other cases where the end product requires a specialized printed circuit that may only be a single layer of polyester, other plastic, or even one layer in a more complex final assembly.


Printed Shields

Xymox-Printed Shields

A printed silver or carbon circuit can offer ESD as well as EMI/RFI protection for many applications.  It can be as simple as a printing pass added to a membrane switch or it can be a separate piece with a focus on just shielding. In many cases this may be more economical than a sprayed on shield or a metal box. Xymox can incorporate:

  • Printed silver or carbon circuitry

  • Perfs and folds allow for the shield to be formed and mated to fit your assembly

Printed Antennas

Xymox-Printed Antennas NFC

In some applications, Xymox can provide an NFC antenna that is built into the layer construction.  Using a printed silver pattern, the antenna can reside near the top of the layer construction to offer best performance.  We can design based on:

  • Printed silver circuit

  • Custom patterned to mate with your IC

Security Circuits

Xymox-Specialty Circuitry

In today’s world, payment processing devices require a high level of security to prevent tampering.  A Xymox printed security circuit can be a critical part of a secure design.  Xymox will custom engineer a circuit that helps meet PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and incorporate design features such as:

  • Fine line circuitry down to .006” lines and spacing

  • Printed through holes to connect to both sides of a polyester based circuit to allow for denser circuits and smaller designs