Rep: Jim Weinfurtner - Staffco Campisano

ASM: John Arrigo


Stanley was creating a new generation of their mechanical fastener device and needed a fully functional user input panel with a membrane keypad, LCD display, and the driver board for the display all assembled into the front, plastic bezel. 

The backlighting requirements for this application were important because the machine provides information back to the user, through light bars, to indicate whether the fastening operation was performed within the torque specification.


Xymox design engineers proposed a solution for the backlighting with a multi-level design to enhance the appearance of the backlit icons and the light indicator bars.

Having well-developed sourcing partners, Xymox recommended companies to purchase the molded plastic bezels and printed circuit board assemblies from, they could then be sent directly to Xymox for final assembly of the completed panel.

Working in conjunction with Stanley engineering, we were able to devise a functional test fixture to properly test product and ensure quality.

Stanley2 (small).png


Rather than Stanley having to purchase many parts individually, assemble them all, AND do the functional testing, Xymox provided a complete user interface assembly that required only a single part number.

Designed with the end user in mind, this interface provides a great user experience with a quick glance at the red, yellow, and green light bars, they can easily tell if the fasteners are torqued to the right specifications.

How to use this information: 

With design expertise and strategic supplier partnerships, Xymox is ready to step in and provide start to finish product manufacturing. What companies in your territory are looking for a complete solution supplier?

What about companies that have a critical application that requires backlighting? Sometimes it is not as simple as just adding it to the design, in the case of Stanley, backlighting was designed on multiple different layers of the switch to provide the best look, Xymox has the expertise!

"At Xymox we know what we’re torquing about! (sorry, I couldn’t resist)" - courtesy of John Arrigo :)