Rep: Noel Lofgren - Straube Associates

ASM: Ed Jones


Orthoscan is a medical imaging company making portable high resolution digital image X-ray machines. They needed a membrane switch supplier and ultimately chose one based on price - sometimes this works out great for companies, other times, not so much. Unfortunately, for Orthoscan, it did not work out so great - they were left with their product delivering a poor user experience (little to no tactile feel and no backlighting). Further, they were not in compliance with industry regulations requiring a clear, unquestionable understanding that X-ray is in process.

Not to mention, all their competitors have backlighting on their products and Orthoscan doesn't - leaving the company at a competitive disadvantage.



Xymox took the existing product as designed (which left no room for any changes to size) and suggested our backlight option with a separate LED layer in the construction. This allowed the keypad design to remain the same, and add LEDs to a separate connector. To address the industry regulations, we suggested a separate light color for the X-Ray function so when that operation is selected and active, a separate color shines. To further enhance the user experience, Xymox worked on dome selection and spacer design to increase the tactile function of the keys.



We have delivered prototypes and the first production is slated for December. The initial feedback from management indicates Xymox hit a home run. The customer was able to address marketing, engineering and regulatory issues without changing the size or layout of the keypad - preventing them from having to redesign any other elements in their system.

Best of all, Orthoscan is in a better position to regain market share using a backlit product - talk about a great return on their investment in a better user interface!

How to use this information:

Position Xymox as  the engineered solution supplier, creating product enhancements like backlighting to develop a better user experience. Remind prospects that how their users touch their devices is critical to their success.  What would it be worth for your prospect to gain market share due to an improved user experience? Customers experiencing problems with their current supplier can benefit from an optimized design from Xymox.