Rep: Noel Lofgren - Straube Associates

ASM: Ed Jones


iES (Integrated Energy Services Corporation) needed a wall mount input monitor using projected capacitive sensor technology. They were looking to put a display in the middle of a round, decorated glass front panel, with a custom sensor optically bonded. They needed it quick (by the end of December) and didn't want to work with multiple companies for this one part - one company to assist in design, prototypes, production/manufacturing, and assembly. They didn't have time for a middle man or multiple prototypes, and wanted ease of transitioning from prototype to production.

The primary concern: the product construction design did not allow for the sensor to be mounted to the display.


Enter Xymox - having in-house design engineers, a manufacturing floor, and assembly capabilities, all in one location, Xymox was the perfect one-stop-shop!

A custom touch sensor using HCF film and optical lamination addressed all of iES's design requirements. Xymox offered material and design options to increase product efficiency and manufacturability.


First contact to first PO was 2 weeks. The entire process is controlled in-house, quick response times and real time technical design conversations gave iES confidence in Xymox.


As you can see in the picture, one of lenses is mostly clear. The customer chose this as one of the options because they want their whole device to be mostly see through so people can see all the components. Accordingly they put some effort into choosing components that will look interesting. 

How to use this information: 

Xymox is a one-stop-shop - we are fully staffed to accommodate design and assembly needs – look for companies who are struggling to find a supplier that can offer services in every step of the process.

✓ Design

✓ Manufacturing

✓ Assembly

A well made interface can be the differentiator to make a company stand out from the competition (because let’s be honest, nobody wants a bad user interface).

Xymox is also always up for a challenge, if a customer wants their components to be completely visible, we work to make it exactly what they envisioned!