Basler Electric

ASM: Melissa King


Back in 2014, Basler Electric, was having quality issues and field failures with numerous membrane switch suppliers. They were looking for a new supply partner who could help develop highly engineered solutions for them. Basler is an expert at industrial control design and they expect that their membrane switch supplier is an expert at membrane switches.  They were experiencing field failures as well as incoming quality problems, and these are both very expensive problems to deal with on an ongoing basis.



Basler Electric brought 6 people to visit the Xymox plant for a quality visit and audit, which communicated to us just how important quality is to them. We impressed upon them that quality is a guarantee that we don't take lightly, and they were able to see the operations, systems and procedures that Xymox uses every day to produce products that pass incoming quality tests and perform in the field.

They were impressed with our engineering support. Xymox is great at solving problems for customers, by making recommendations to their designs. We are experts at designing and manufacturing membrane switches and are the perfect supply partner for Basler Electric. With existing designs, we had to make only slight changes and evolve the best we could given the programs already in place.  For the most cost effective, high performance solutions we hope to be involved at the beginning of the design process.  With over two years of success together, Basler now comes to us with a design earlier in their process, and they ask for our expertise on how we can manufacture what they need for their application.


Xymox currently has close to 20 part numbers we manufacture for Basler, with new prototypes in the works. Basler has direct contacts with Xymox sales, engineering and quality - making communications fast and efficient.

How to use this information:

Do you have prospects in your area who source from multiple membrane switch suppliers? Most customers are looking to consolidate vendors, and Xymox is a perfect supplier to achieve that objective.  Our wide range of capabilities means we can produce just about every touch interface solution that a customer may need.

Help your customers understand the total cost of a membrane switch.  This customer is paying a slightly higher purchase price than with a previous supplier, yet their cost of switches has gone down a lot due to a lack of incoming quality problems and the lack of field failures with products from Xymox Technologies.