ASM: John Arrigo


Hologic mammography is upgrading their touch interface platform and the specs required sealed switches (keeping fluids out) and well backlit keys with tactile feel.

No other vendor could promise all three features: sealed, well backlit, and great tactile feel.


Xymox has XyWeld switches as the ultimate in sealing from external moisture ingress. For the first time, the engineer at Hologic heard “YES” we can do that! The second and third “Yes” answers were for well distributed backlighting and for great tactile feel, all at the same time.

There was a lot of prototyping and testing, but in the end Xymox was able to meet all of Hologic’s performance and appearance specifications.  A key feature in the backlighting solution was the use of a light pipe to backlight entire keys and also retain a great feel.


The new product platform required switches for table movement, image head movement and adjustment, and other machine operator inputs. All of these functions were easily seen, even in subdued light, and the user experienced a definite tactile click when the key was pressed.  After each and every patient the control panel is cleaned with a variety of cleaning solutions, and the integrity of the XyWeld seal guarantees the electronics of the switch are protected, and the seal also prevents any moisture from migrating along the switch tail to the underlaying electronics.


How to use this information:

The Xymox XyWeld solution is great for both indoor and outdoor applications. What companies in your territory need to hear “YES” to a sealed switch that will eliminate field failures due to liquid penetration? Do any companies need to hear "YES" to well executed backlighting and tactile feel? Xymox can do all three and more - let us be the ones to give them the "YES" they need!