Rep: Steven Broschofsky - TriStar Group

ASM: Ed Jones


3M Innovations Center makes underground line tracking equipment and they needed to find a company that was up for the challenge of doing more with less! The plastic housing needed to remain the same size yet they wanted:

  • Larger screen to display more information
  • More efficient use of keys (the space for keys will reduce with a larger screen however the functionality needs to remain the same *more with less)
  • Required a gasket design (sealed switch)
  • Tactile feedback


Xymox engineer, Joel Seiden, was up for the task! Working within the same graphic size parameters, Joel incorporated a larger screen area, and planned out the locations for the keys, traces, and the tail. Then Joel laid out a potential graphic, based on the current design, with fewer buttons (but same functionality).


From this:

Unknown 2.22.53 PM.jpeg

To this:



3M was happy with the design results! They currently have a PO for prototypes for a fully sealed switch with intuitive functions, and a larger display (user friendly = better user experience, and user experience is everything!). All without changing the existing plastics.

How to Use This Information:

The earlier Xymox can be involved in the design process, the better! It saves the customer time, money, and reduces the potential for rework/redesigns. Xymox is the membrane expert so the customer doesn't have to be. What companies in your territory would benefit from getting design assistance from a membrane switch expert?