Woodward, Inc.

Rep: Mark Langkamp

ASM: Ed Jones


Woodward, Inc. is a manufacturer of control systems for aircraft engines, turbines, and industrial engines, so it goes without saying, their products are 100% reliability driven. Their reputation is based on performance so they need quality suppliers and when an issue arises, they need quick and thorough support. Woodward had issues with their previous supplier so the search began for a new interface manufacturer that would give them the quality and support they need.


They approached Xymox and finally gave us an opportunity (Mark had been trying to get Xymox into Woodward for years!), we turned a window support sample in two days and offered feedback about the material, circuit layout, and design considerations, all under 5 days. We took a polyester circuit design with 27 jumpers/printed interconnects and recommended a thin PCB design with environmentally proven adhesives, accompanied by our optical laminating process to provide solid robust construction that was ready for duty.



Our product passed all testing requirements and became the foundation design for future parts and other divisions' products. After many engineering reviews and prototypes, they decided to send a group of 4 people to visit the Xymox facility - Woodward is very careful when they consider a supplier change and they made it clear in their visit that it does not happen often. They were so impressed by the quick follow up from Mark and the team at Xymox, and so happy with the ideas that were presented, they knew they had found a better partner for their membrane switch business.

We are now qualified and supplying 5 different part numbers!

Your chances of success increase exponentially when you can get your customers to visit Xymox, meet our team, and understand the level of capabilities that we have to offer for engineered interface solutions! What prospects do you have that would benefit from a plant visit to Xymox?