Elan Industries

Rep: John Bishop - Staffco-Campisano

ASM: Melissa King


Elan Industries, a manufacturer of electronic controls, was working on a capacitive touch sensor user interface, for a high-end appliance application. Xymox had quoted on this project in the past, but was told our price was $1.00 higher. After placing orders with a different supplier, Elan was having major quality issues with intermittent key functionality, with over 30% fallout. The Vice President of Engineering reached out to Xymox, knowing our quality was great on other parts we were making for them. Principals from Elan visited Xymox to review the issues they were having and to discuss what Xymox could do to help.


Elan was in a line down situation, desperate to deliver quality products to their end customer. Xymox was able to design and print sensors in a week. Parts were laminated to glass that Elan supplied and hand delivered to the customer.

Elan Collage.png


Because of the success of this order, Xymox is building 4 additional parts for Elan, all of which had quality issues with the past supplier. They are extremely impressed with our capabilities. All of these parts are being laminated to glass.

How to use this information:

Do you have customers who think they understand the total cost of ownership of parts? In this instance, Xymox was not originally awarded the business because of cost, but with major quality issues, cost became less of a concern; delivering a quality product to an end customer was.

The user interface is one of the most critical aspects of our customers’ success. Are you asking customers about quality issues they are having? Do you know what their pain points are? Get Xymox involved when you hear about quality issues.