Rep: Scott Cramm - Straube Associates

ASM: Ed Jones


Megadyne needed to update their look to be more distinguished, and their current vendor was not sure how to make that happen. In addition, there was a general lack of support and interest in making solid engineering recommendations and engaging in redesign efforts. Backlighting was a priority for the new design; they needed experts to dive right in.


Xymox immediately thought our proprietary thin film backlighting would be the perfect solution for lighting up their tactile key buttons.

Xymox stands behind our products and when a previous design is outside our design standards, we offer suggestions to improve the design. After the engineering team reviewed the previous design, we discussed with Megadyne some tweaks and changes to be made so this product could be built for better long term success. Specifically, we used a thicker spacer to accommodate a high-quality light pipe for backlit keys. We also made changes to the dome layer that provide relief to the polyester, which results in better tactile feel to the user. Finally, we optimized the design in general, which involved routing traces differently, reducing the number of through-holes, and eliminated several potential failure modes over the life of the part.



After a visit to the factory, Megadyne was pleased and chose us for the new design build. The part is in production right now! Following delivery of prototypes, Megadyne then started the process to move existing production parts to be sourced from Xymox, increasing our ROI on the redesign!

How to use this information:

Xymox is an engineered solution supplier, creating product enhancements like backlighting.  Customers experiencing problems with their current supplier can benefit from an optimized design from Xymox. We also offer direct contact with engineers and R&D staff as appropriate to make sure the customer gets an improved design. What companies are in your territory that are looking for a supplier that will offer engineering expertise AND unparalleled customer support?