Diehl Controls

Rep: Daniel Santana – TriStar Group

ASM: Ed Jones


Diehl Controls (Mexico) was experiencing extremely high fallout due to inconsistency with ITO based PCAP sensors to the point that the end customer was in a line down condition. Their supplier of ITO sensors was simply making poor quality product which prevented Diehl from making shipments to their customer, creating lost revenue, market share and field failures.


Xymox was able to create a PCAP sensor using Kodak HCF film to provide a virtually transparent capacitive sensor and a more consistent, repeatable, and predictable electrical circuit.



Having a successful switch that provides clarity and continuity, the end customer is no longer in a line down situation. Xymox ramped up to full volume in just three weeks and iscurrently shipping 3000 sensors per week to fill in the backlog at the customer. 

How to use this information:

Xymox was able to create a more consistent sensor and get into full production in only 3 weeks. This was a huge task and required a lot of expedite fees and string-pulling to accomplish, however we understood the opportunity to become a key supplier for this appliance application.  Xymox’s manufacturing process is setup specifically to provide customer support and high quality products for small to medium size production runs. Many sensor suppliers are only interested in large volume jobs and often are not in a position to provide proper support for smaller volume customers. If your customer is having problems, we can help.