Technical Power Systems (TPS)

ASM: Melissa King

Rep Company: Pat Scharf - RK Sales


Technical Power Systems (TPS) had an opportunity for a battery pack on a headset. In the design process, they were struggling to find a way to work in a button and fit 4 LEDs on a small, shallow area that was curved on a 1.25” radius.


Xymox was able to design a membrane switch, using a Kapton circuit (which had to be made in China), containing the required LEDs. The part is assembled in a plastic case, supplied by TPS. A tight timeline that butted up with Chinese New Year did not stop Xymox from delivering the first prototype parts in 3 weeks. In fact, during this process, the Product Manager working with TPS personally drove down to deliver samples for them to test.

TPS copy.png


TPS has been thrilled with the success they have had with the switch and their customer is extremely pleased with the solution. It was a challenging project and Xymox was able to come through with flying colors on both time and quality! TPS is now looking for more opportunities to partner with Xymox.

How to use this information:

We often forget how small of an area we can put a membrane switch. If you come across an opportunity that has a small footprint or additional challenges of radius, get Xymox involved! Xymox has seen a huge success with this battery pack membrane switch.