Total Quality Management

Meeting or exceeding customer requirements, every hour of every day.

Xymox’s fully documented quality system combined with a capital investment in on-site test and measurement equipment assure customer required performance and satisfaction.


Abrasion Testing


Rubber keypads are tested on a Norman abrasion tester to meet customer durability specifications.

Life Testing


An integral part of design validation is accelerated life testing to assure the design will meet the electrical, physical, and aesthetic requirements.


Environmental Testing


A key element of design validation is environmental testing to confirm that the design meets stringent temperature cycling requirements.

Product Performance


Xymox assures your product performance through daily process audits, 100% electrical test in production, and customer advocate audits on finished lots prior to shipping. Each product is hand tested for quality!


Xymox is held to the highest quality standards: ISO 9001:2015 Certified to learn more, click here.