Not Just Another Touch Screen

In some applications, a hybrid design offering the flexibility of a touch screen and the easy access and durability of a membrane switch, for fixed function keys, is the right combination. Xymox XyTouch blends all the touch screen (TS) flexibility of software driven GUI with the robustness and reliability of membrane switch technology. Now you can have your TS and high reliability too! To view the XyTouch datasheet click here.

Product Enhancements

Developed to address the high use and vulnerability markets like Medical, Food Processing, CNC Machining, and Mobile Data collection, XyTouch offers a complete sealed continuous surface for water resistance, chemical resistance, and wash down. By combining the TS and Membrane in one assembly you can now use the membrane to interface the repetitive high volume input of specific keys and the software interface of the TS without the wear and break down typically associated with Touch Screens.


XyTouch will allow you to eliminate bulky rims or frames around your TS. It provides for greater aesthetic design and more flexibility for configurations of your front panel. Benefits also include sealing and cavity free front panels. Best yet, bonding the switch assembly to the TS you have a more robust TS assembly with longer term performance. XyTouch will allow TS inputs to be used with greater reliability in a wider range of applications.

XyTouch (web size).png