The Harsh Environment Solution

For harsh environment applications where a membrane switch may be exposed to water, dust, extreme temperatures, and harsh cleaners, the XyWeld® sealed switch is the solution! The Xymox XyWeld® spacer involves a specialty adhesive bonded with a proprietary heat activated process to yield a spacer that is much more robust than a standard PSA. To view the XyWeld® Datasheet click here.


Physical Characteristics

Life Cycles:

  • 2 million minimum non tactile

  • 1 million minimum tactile (metal dome)

Operating Force:

  • 10-20 oz typical non-tactile

  • 16 -20 oz typical tactile

Overall Thickness: .040" typical


Environmental Characteristics

  • Operating Temp -40 to 70C

  • Storage Temp -40 to 70C

  • Humidity 95% RH

(see full test detail below)


Electrical Characteristics (Switch Circuit)

  • Contact Resistance: 100 ohms max typical

  • Open Circuit Resistance: 5 x 106 ohms minimum.

  • Contact Rating: 30 VDC maximum, 100mA maximum, 1 watt maximum

  • Contact Bounce: 20ms maximum

  • Contact Material: Silver to Silver

Xymox-XyWeld Construction

XyWeld Environmental Testing Data:

XyWeld Envrionmental Data.png